Gyan Jyoti School In Bodh Gaya, India

On a recent visit to India, Viryashalin forged a connection with the Gyan Jyoti School in Bodh Gaya, the place of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

The school provides shelter and education for children in Bodh Gaya where levels of poverty are extremely high. Children are sent by their families to beg near the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya. Some of the children on the streets are orphans and all the children are vulnerable to trafficking.

Ranjan Kumar, the Chairman of the Gyan Jyoti Rural Development Welfare Trust, describes the school’s situation and needs: –

Our work

Our organisation, the Gyan Jyoty Welfare Trust, is working for the upliftment of lives for children through Education. It endeavors to provide education to more than 280 children denied this by family circumstance. We are also working among the children who are orphans and who engage in begging in or around the world heritage site.

We are providing education for children who are unable to go to school either because of poverty or family circumstances.

There are many challenges here with high levels of illiteracy and many children are not attending school. Our belief is that through education we can bring about changes in their lives.

Our main focus

We aim to provide shelter and education for those children who are orphans, have single parents and are involved in begging near the Mahabodhi temple. We have 40 children staying with us in the school hostel but, with our limited resources, we are unable to continue this other than on a very limited basis. We have long list of children but have shortlisted 40 children to receive education, shelter and medical services but we really need supporters and sponsors for these children.

The remainder of the 280 children live with their parents but, because of poverty, their parents are unable to provide for their education. We are trying to bring light into their lives through education.

King’s Lynn Triratna would like to support the school. Donations are welcomed.

Should you be moved to support Gyan Jyoti’s work, the link below takes you to a page where it offers two different strands for giving, one to help feed the children and one that goes to their education.