Viryashalin ‘Buddhanussati’ meditation online

On Tuesday evenings (7-8pm), Viryashalin leads a period of ‘Buddhanussati’ meditation online, which involves bringing to mind and rejoicing in the qualities of the Buddha. This is more suited to those already having a connection with Buddhism.

All are welcome, though it would be helpful to talk with Viryashalin beforehand – lease contact by email on

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Aug 03 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


  1. Hi I’m interested in your classes. Are they all available via zoom and what is the cost please. Im particularly interested in your Tuesday evening class. I do have some knowledge of Buddhism. I did try to send an email but said he address was invalid.

    • Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for your enquiry to the website.  Can I just check you are emailing Viryashalin using the following address – ? I have used that address and it was ok recently. Main class is on Monday – Tuesday is a led meditation with those who have an established Buddhist connection. They are both through zoom?

      My name is Sammuditá and I help with the website – If you confirm that this is the email address you have used, we will have to try something else. Come straight back to me.

      Kind regards

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