How we started and pictures of more recent events

Triratna Kings Lynn the Early Days: DH. Udara.

During the summer of 2008 I acquired some cushions that were made by members of the Indian Sangha. I stuffed each one of them with recycled wool, and a friend sowed the mats together. The Quaker Meeting House, kindly and encouragingly rented me a room, then in the autumn I ‘set-up shop’ so to speak, once a week to begin with.

It was a real change of direction, certainly not something I’d ever imagined myself doing. Driving to Kings Lynn with the shrine packed away in the back of my car immediately took on the form of a devotional practise, along with setting up the shrine and dismantling it every evening.

To begin with I did alternate, six-week courses: Meditation and an Introduction to Buddhism. The initial courses were exiting, mainly because I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up. I decided that if that was the case, I’d meditate, then dismantle the shrine and go home. Fortunately, it never happened, although numbers were often very low.

I led the classes in the same way as they’d been led by the Order Members when I first came along. They had been taught directly or indirectly by The Venerable Sangharakshita, who had been taught, in turn by his teachers. These teachers, and their teachers, a lineage stretching back to the historical Buddha are the conditions from which Triratna Kings Lynn has arisen.

Of course, a lot has happened during the last twelve years. Many people have come and gone. In my estimation, approximately one in fifty people stay around. I think this is partly due to the challenges that meditation and reflection bring about. For me personally, I had to accept, humbling as it was, that I was living a narrow, closed down life due to my life-long conditioning. Change is uncomfortable, painful even. It can be tempting to stay with the familiar, stifling and unsatisfying as it is, rather than step out into greater freedom. For the people that have come and gone, hopefully a seed of the Buddha’s teaching remains within them, waiting for the appropriate conditions in which to germinate and flourish.

Residential retreat in beautiful surroundings at the Old Red Lion, Castle Acre led by Sanghaketu and Viprasanna.

Shrine prepared for Lisa’s Mitra ceremony – a significant and joyful event for her and the King’s Lynn Sangha.

Viprasanna, on loan to our friends in New Zealand. Making the most of a couple of hours free time

Team planning meeting – Castle Acre –

The shrine all ready for Bob and Tony’s mitra ceremony.

Combined King’s Lynn and Peterborough groups’ residential weekend retreat.

A day of meditation and ritual in a beautiful meadow in North Norfolk.

Sanghaketu and Viprasanna preparing to bring everyone together to celebrate friendship and community

Coming together for the Vajrasattva Puja to mark our intention for the coming year.

Midwinter Gathering A very enjoyable get together of friendship, music song, and poetry.

Residential retreat in beautiful surroundings at the Old Red Lion, Castle Acre led by Sanghaketu and Viprasanna.

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